Wipeable play mats

Wipeable play mats have become an essential item for any family home. Their longevity and versatility means they have become a central part of any family room, living room, dining room or playroom.

They can be used from the first weeks of your little ones life as a safe place to lie down all the way to their teenage years as a place of play. And the play mat not just for them you can use play map for exercises and yoga.

We know that raising children is a full time job and you need all the help you can get weather that’s Alexa playing soothing sounds to get to sleep, easy clean bibs or wipeable waterproof playmat as a safe area to play on.

As everybody’s homes has different flooring from carpets, to tiles or wooden floors a waterproof play mat which is soft gives an ideal place for your little ones to play.

Wipeable play mats faqs

Can you put a playmat on underfloor heating?

Yes, your underfloor heating won’t melt the mat.

What surface can you put a play mat on?

You can place a play mat on a number of surfaces including.

  • Carpet
  • Wooden floors
  • Laminate
  • Tiles and stone
  • Lino / Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Microcement
  • Resin

A play mat is perfect in many of this combinations, for example carpet might be soft, but not waterproof and wipeable. Where as a tile or resin floor is wipeable but hard. Thats why the Rock Steppper play mat is great, its a soft surface that is still wipeable and waterproof.

What are the benefits of using a wipeable play mat?

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How to clean a wipeable play mat?

For everyday cleaning we recommend wiping the playmat with a soft damp microfibre cloth. For a thorough clean use a mild/ph balance soap (washing up liquid), diluted with warm water. Be gentle – do not be tempted to apply too much pressure when wiping as this may damage and remove the colour of the playmat. Always allow the playmat to dry completely before using it again or if you are planning on storing it away. 

What materials are wipeable play mats made of?

There are a few material options that wipeable playmats can be made out of including Non-Toxic Memory foam TPU, leatherett and XPE foam. From our extensisve research we found that Non-toxic PVC memory foam performed the best in terms of wipeablilty, strengh and durability. Best of all the version we have used does not contain BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, formamide, formaldehyde, EVA or flame retardants.

Where can I buy a wipeable play mat?

You can buy the Rock Stepper Play Mat which is 100% wipeable and waterproof right here.

What are the different sizes of wipeable play mats available?

There are many different sizes of wipeable play mats, however you’ll find the majority are rectangle, square or round. Modular based playmats where you can make different sized shaped tend not to have the best waterproof / wipable surfaces as they leave the foam middle exposed.

The Rock Stepper play mat is 190 cm x 140 cm which we found from research to be the optimum size for a play mat form most houses in the UK. This size gives your little Stepper enough room to play, jump about and dance.

What is the alternative to foam mats?

There are some alternatives to foam play mats however they have downsides in comparison to wipeable foam play mats.

  • Rugs – harder to clean, dirt, food, sick will get into the fibres of the rug and you’ll need to have them cleaned
  • Cork – we’ve found to be not as soft as foam and can be broken up
  • Cotton – often used for baby gyms fabric can move aroud unless stitched to the foam inners, also are not waterproof