Christmas Card Competition

We’ve created a selection of worksheets for you to download, print and get creative this holiday season!

Christmas Cards

Get ready for the holiday season with our downloadable cards for you to decorate, colour, or simply make a fun mess with. We have three variations Happy HolidaysMerry Christmas and Seasons Greetings. And all 26 letters of the alphabet so you can pick your favourite letter or find the letter your Little Stepper’s name starts with.


If you have any ideas for worksheets for us to create which you can use with your Rock Stepper playmat please get in touch.

Single Tiles

Download these A4 sheets for a fun activity.

  • Colour in the letters and picture
  • Cut out the tile
  • You can then ask your Little Stepper to place the cut out tiles onto their rock stepper mat

The first file has 20 pages for letters A to Z, or download a file with just one letter each

Full alphabet worksheet A – Z

Single letter A4 worksheets