Our Playmat

The Rock Stepper playmat has been designed to support early learning and development from first steps to phonics, with both children and parents in mind.

Rock Stepper has been developed to be accessible and easy to enjoy. With teacher-led content mindful of boosting the learning and development of children, all whilst having fun! We know that play naturally boosts our children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Little Steppers can explore their own interests and dive into a world of imagination on the Rock Stepper playmat – unlocking the power of play.

Our goal is to help every parent feel confident that they are giving their child’s development the best foot forward. Our premium playmat is designed with a core purpose: to create a safe space for Little Steppers to grow and develop from baby and beyond.  

The Rock Stepper playmat supports independent play and learning, as well as games to enjoy as a family. With our engaging app and flashcards, watch your child use their endless creativity and build healthy habits. All while encouraging movement at every step of the way.  Our multifunctional, dual sided playmat perfectly complements the style of a modern home. Just flip it over for an alternative contemporary design.  

Play. Learn. Grow. Every step of the way, with Rock Stepper.

Rock Stepper Benefits

Accelerate early learning & development

The playmat not only provides visual prompts but comes with a complementary app that offers a variety of games covering areas of maths and literacy for EYFS ages, including age-appropriate levels to grow and evolve with your baby and child.

The app provides game ideas and challenges, that have been carefully developed by experienced Primary School teachers.

As well as our app, you can also use your Rock Stepper flashcards to encourage game play, boost brain development, as well as improve fine motor skills. Both in the home and on the move.

A safe, soft & stylish space for your Little Steppers

Our playmats are made from the highest quality materials that are built to last. Durable and sustainable, they are 100% safe for our Little Steppers, as well as being fully wipeable for those unpredictable spills. Our Rock Stepper playmat offers enough support to create a safe space for bumps and falls but isn’t squishy enough to get in the way of first steps and the sturdy surface required to help with balance. It also provides the ideal surface for exercise use for both children and adults.

The Rock Stepper playmat is multi-functional, with a subtle, stylish reverse design. Our playmat has been designed to perfectly complement any interiors-conscious home.

Reduce screentime & encourage movement

One of the first motivations for Rock Stepper was to reduce the time our children spent on their screens, especially when it came to learning. We wanted to provide a space for freedom of movement in an environment that encourages learning and fun.

Kinaesthetic learning has been proved to accelerate progression in not only physical learners, but also for visual and auditory learners and aids crucial cognitive development. We want to get our Little Steppers up and moving!

 The power of play

Most importantly, we want our Little Steppers to have fun while they develop and learn, and truly discover the power of play. We want the Rock Stepper playmat to be a destination of choice for our Little Steppers.

To do this, we have created different activities to encourage social interaction, as well as independent play. A choice of games means your little one can decide which activity to engage with on the playmat. And even some dancing, along the way, if the rhythm takes them…