Rock Stepper Alexa Skill

Need to entertain the kids for a bit and can’t stand to watch another episode of Bluey or Hey Duggee. Let Alexa help you out with our Rock Stepper skill. Featuring songs and a game this audio first experience adds a new dimension to the Rock Stepper play mat.

Access to the Rock Stepper skill is free to anyone. Make sure that you have kids skills enabled on your Amazon account. You can enable by either.

  • Going to while logged into your Amazon account and click the enable button.
  • Enable via the Alexa skill on your phone, follow the instructions on this video for how.

Once you have enabled just say “Alexa, Open Rock Stepper”.

Please remember, saying Alexa, Play Rock Stepper” may result in Alexa playing songs from the rock stepper Spotify / iTunes/ Amazon Music account.

Is the Alexa Rock Stepper Skill free?

Yes, the skill is free to use, you don’t even need to have a Rock Stepper playmat, however the content in the skill has been designed to be used with the Rock Stepper playmat.

Does the Alexa Rock Stepper Skill work with screen devices?

Yes, the skill will work on Alexa Echo Show devices or Fire Sticks. For now we’ve not includes graphics as we want to keep the screen interaction to a minimum.

Can I access via my Google Home or Apple smart speaker?

Unfortunately no, Google no longer allow 3rd party voice apps. Same for Apple. However, if you have ones of these devices you can play the music from the Rock Stepper Spotify / iTunes / Amazon Music accounts and play lists.