Memory foam play mat

Memory foam play mats are a safe and aesthetically pleasing item to have in any household.  You’ll soon find your play mat becomes the central focus of your children’s play area. They’ll be able to use the mat for building Duplo, tea parties with their teddies, jigsaws and puzzles. That’s all thanks to the wonders of memory foam which is soft and supportive all of the same time.

To get a little technical, memory foam has a higher density of polyfoams in comparison to traditional foam. This is what makes memory foam denser and heavier. It also means that the foam can return to its existing shape after being condensed.

The extra weight is important, as some play mats made from normal, generic  foam are lighter and can often “lift” up. As the Rock Stepper play mat is made from a dense memory foam it weighs 10 kg which helps it lie flat and not move around when jumped on, creating a secure environment for learning and play.

A memory foam play mat that lasts

As parents, we often find ourselves trapped in a relentless cycle of baby products that quickly become obsolete. This is where the superior design of Rock Stepper’s memory foam mat excels — it’s not a short-term fix, but a long-lasting investment. Its durability ensures it will last through the tumultuous toddling years,


Memory foam play mat faqs

What is a memory foam play mat?

A memory foam play mat is when a play mat inner foam is made from memory foam. This is differnt to some play mats which are made with standard foam.

On the Rock Stepper play mat we use memory foam as it has several benefits over traditional foam.

Can I fold or roll the play mat to store it?

Yes, you can roll the mat up. We don’t sugest folding the mat. However, feedback from our amazing customers has been the mat stays out all the time rather than being an item that gets packed away.

One of the reasons for this is the reversible design. At the end of the day you can flip the mat from the educational side to the patterned side.

If i place furniture on the mat will it leave a dent?

One of the benefits of a memory foam play mat is that if you place heavy items on the mat it will return to its normal state afterwards. However this is dependent on how long you leave the item and the weight of the item. We wouldn’t recommend leaving items on the mat over the entire day or night.