Rock Stepper has been chosen for The Good Play Guide!

Play is an essential aspect of a child’s development, aiding them in learning valuable skills while having fun. As parents and caregivers, we often seek guidance to make informed decisions about the best play tools for our children. We are incredibly proud to say that the Rock Stepper playmat bundle is recommended by The Good Play Guide.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the expertise of the “Good Play Guide” and explore the assessment of the Rock Stepper Playmat by the renowned Dr. Amanda Gummer.

The Good Play Guide: A Trustworthy Source

The Good Play Guide is an authoritative platform that evaluates toys, games, and play products. They aim to provide parents, teachers, and guardians with reliable insights into the benefits of various play items, ensuring they are not only entertaining but also conducive to a child’s growth. Their evaluations are carried out by a team of experts, including child psychologists, educators, and developmental specialists. This comprehensive approach guarantees that their recommendations are well-rounded and evidence-based.

Dr. Amanda Gummer: An Expert in Child Development

Dr. Amanda Gummer is a prominent figure in the field of child development, renowned for her expertise in understanding how children learn through play. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology and years of experience working with children, Dr. Gummer has become a leading authority in the UK on play and toys. She founded the Good Play Guide to help parents make informed decisions when choosing products that support child development.

Assessment of the Rock Stepper Playmat by Dr. Amanda Gummer:

The Rock Stepper playmat is big enough to accommodate at least two children at the same time, ideal for a baby or toddler and an older sibling to play alongside each other. Our younger testers enjoyed looking at the pictures and bringing other toys to the mat, while the older ones were able to recognise letters, shapes, numbers and practice their counting skills. The set comes with flashcards, which brought another dimension to the children’s play and encouraged them to interact with the mat in different ways, depending on their age. The younger children explored the cards by looking at the pictures and playing with them in their hands or mouths.

The older ones, with adult guidance, enjoyed matching the cards to the corresponding image on the mat; an activity that is great for developing number, letter, shape recognition, and matching skills. Using the flashcards in this way also supports cognitive development as the children persevered to find the correct picture by trial and error. There is also an app that comes as part of the set, and the games on it are suitable for children of reception age and up, helping with their learning of phonics, word formation and early maths skills. The games and music on the app encouraged active play, and inspired some of our quieter testers to become more involved. Some enjoyed moving their bodies to the music, jumping up and down and stomping their feet on the soft mat! The mat is well cushioned, meaning bumps and bruises will be avoided if children take a tumble while playing.

The activities the flashcards and apps meant that the children were interacting and talking with each other or an adult, helping them to develop their social and communication skills. Our testers all enjoyed exploring what the mat has to offer; the younger children needing some guidance to get the most out of it, while the older ones were able to interact more independently, needing less adult support.

Remember, play is not just about fun; it’s a critical tool for a child’s growth and development. So, let’s encourage our Little Steppers to explore the world through play and provide them with toys and products that nurture their skills and imagination. Hop on your Rock Stepper and play, learn and grow!