Rock Stepper playmat bundle


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Size : 190 cm × 140 cm × 1.3 cm

Includes : 70 flash cards

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 190 × 140 × 1.3 cm

Rock Stepper Playmat, Flash Cards, Digital Content and App (App is due to launch soon)

Box dimensions

142cm x 21cm x 21cm

Box weight


Reverse Colour

Fog Grey

Reverse pattern



Non-toxic PVC memory foam and does not contain BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, formamide, formaldehyde, EVA or flame retardants

Cards Size

12.7cm x 8.9cm

The Rock Stepper playmat bundle includes



App (Coming soon)

The Rock Stepper playmat, designed with both babies and parents in mind, offers support for early learning and development, from those initial steps to the world of phonics. Crafted with a soft and padded surface, this waterproof and wipeable playmat encourages activity at every turn. Its multifunctionality as a baby playmat shines through as an ideal platform for tummy time, crawling adventures, and educational play.


This cushioned mat, featuring sponge/foam construction, is not only a reversible play mat with a double-sided design but also adaptable for twins, first friends and siblings, making it an excellent addition to any modern home. Its washable surface ensures a clean and hygienic environment for your child’s exploration and toys. The Rock Stepper playmat engages little minds with captivating alphabet and numbers, offering a space for yoga and playtime with non-toxic and non-slip attributes. With engaging flashcards and the upcoming app, it’s a holistic solution that encourages endless creativity and the formation of healthy habits, whilst importantly being a baby play mat that looks beautiful and stylish in your home.

The Rock Stepper playmat benefits

Safe, soft & stylish playmat

Accelerate early learning & development

Reduce screentime & encourage movement

Unlock the power of play

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We’ve been using the Rock Stepper learning playmat for a couple of weeks and I have to say, it’s a huge hit with all 3 children! The quality is incredible, it’s big enough for all of them to play at once, it’s super thick, perfect for tummy time / gymnastics / yoga. It’s helped Flo with her colours, numbers & shapes so much.


The Rock Stepper has been the perfect transition for my 18 month old from our old baby playmat. I love how it not only looks good but has been so much fun to play with. We’ve only had it for a week and he can already point out some of the pictures. Robot is the current favourite!”


… For my littlest it’s a soft and safe place to play and for my eldest the games are fun and engaging indoor play that means she’s asking for TV less! One added surprise is that at nap time I’m using it for a quick yoga work out as the other side is so simple and chic but also super comfortable with a non slip texture.

As found in The Good Play Guide 2023

“The Rock Stepper playmat is big enough to accommodate at least two children at the same time, ideal for a baby or toddler and an older sibling to play alongside each other.” –  Dr Amanda Gummer – Good Play Guide


Rock Stepper baby playmat as seen in

Rock Stepper Playmat FAQs

What size is the Rock Stepper playmat?

190 cm × 140 cm × 1.3 cm. The play mat is large enough for yoga, stretches and Pilates with your baby next to you, room enough for two or more babies or other kids. Baby not quite crawling? Large enough for a standalone baby gym providing a soft, comfortable, supportive base.

What is the Rock Stepper playmat made of?

The Rock Stepper playmat is made from a Non-toxic PVC memory foam and does not contain BPA, phthalates, lead, latex, formamide, formaldehyde, EVA or flame retardants. It’s completely safe for your newborn baby from birth, suitable for nappy change, bath time and tummy time.

Is the Rock Stepper a wipeable playmat?

Yes the Rock Stepper playmat is a wipeable playmat. 100% waterproof and easily wipeable, makes Rock Stepper super easy to look after and keep clean. Simply wipe any dribbles and spills, needing only a quick wipe after nappy changes.

What does the Rock Stepper playmat bundle include?

The bundle includes

  •  The Rock Stepper playmat, a large, memory foam playmat.
  • A set of flashcards, 70 cards covering the tiles on the mat and more
  • Access to the Spotify / iTunes playlist with original songs complementing your Rock Stepper
  • An app with educational content that will be released very soon!

The bundle with engaging educational content for children, as well as a stylish grown-up side that looks like a rug, means you will have years of use with Rock Stepper.