Rock Stepper App

You’ll be soon able to download our free app to have access to a range of interactive educational games that will support your child’s learning at home and can be played using our mat or flashcards.

Certain games can be tailored to your child’s age / school year. Recommended age 2+


Educational and fun games to use with your mat


Watch our quick videos on ideas of how you can use your mat


Let your little stepper dance away with our fun and educational songs.



Discover the phonics alphabet through letter and sound recognition. This is an introduction to the 26 single letter phonic sounds. A letter sound can be played along with 3 example words that correspond to it. Use the mat to show where the letter is found, lots of repetition of the sound and letter will enhance your child’s recall of it.


Develop essential maths skills such as counting, addition and subtraction. Choose the age/school year that applies to your child and the topic you want to practice. Ask your child to tap/ step on the answer on the mat.


Build knowledge of alphabet names and letter order. Hear the names of the 26 letters of the alphabet as you would usually say them. As you hear the letter name ask your child to step on the matching letter on the mat.

Times Tables

Multiplication practice for numbers 1 –12. Select which times table sums you want your child to practice.


A variety of EYFS and Key Stage 1 spellings are available for your child to practice. Tailor the spellings to your child’s age/ school year. A word is played and your child spells it out by tapping/stepping on the letters on the mat.

Colour Finder

Can your child associate the clues with the correct colour on the mat?

Fast Finder

A test of speed and object recognition. An image will appear on the screen and your child must find the matching image on the mat.

True or False

Improve general knowledge with this fun quiz. Questions can be tailored to your child’s age / school year.

What am I?

Ask your child to listen to the clues to work out what object on the mat it is describing. There are three clues per object, read out the clue or the clue can be read out to you.

Shape Finder

Learn shape names and their properties. Clues are called out and your child must work out which shape it is.


In the app you can watch short videos which show the versatility of our mat. Not only is it reversible and aesthetically pleasing but our mat provides a basis for many games too.

Ideas include;

  • Animal Actions
  • Number Towers
  • Colour Matching
  • Alphabet Recognition
  • Number Sums


We’ve put together a selection of songs for your Little Stepper to move to and enjoy. There are many benefits to learning through music and movement from improving motor skills (body coordination and actions), language and memory development and stimulation.

We also have two Spotify playlists which feature the Rock Stepper songs.