What is the Difference Between Playroom Rugs Vs. Playroom Mats

Playroom mats should provide a safe, clean space for newborn babies during tummy time as well as a soft, padded area for toddlers who are more prone to the odd tumble or two. A large playmat will make sure baby has enough room for when their first roll and crawling attempts become more frequent and will mean more fun activities as they get older.

Depending on the space and shape of your playroom, luxury, non-toxic foam mats generally last longer, are easily wipeable and large enough for two or more children. Ideal for twins, siblings and friends. If your playroom isn’t quite big enough for the larger variety, the living room, lounge or even the kitchen could be a practical safe area with a well cushioned playmat. Extend the life of your playmat by incorporating early education with a design that includes the alphabet and numbers. This will help introduce phonics and spellings leading on to maths for older children. A reversible option with a design in keeping with the style and taste of your home, will also add to the longevity and multi-purpose use of the mat.

Why is the Rock Stepper Playmat the right choice?

  • Wipeable and practical, the Rock Stepper playmat allows for inevitable spills. Sealed and completely waterproof makes cleaning easy with the Rock Stepper playmat
  • The Rock Stepper playmat is great for the playroom as it provides a soft, safe, cushioned area for play. The alphabet and number design on the reversible mat, allows children to use imaginative play with other toys they may have in the room.
  • The Rock Stepper playmat is reversible, which provides a muted, neutral, grey, less stimulating space for baby and toddler relaxation which is also stylish and in keeping with the interior design of your home.
  • Large enough for toddlers and older children, The Rock Stepper playmat can facilitate independent play as well as group play which is ideal for twins and multiple births, siblings and play mates. The padded area is safe for fun, exercise, dancing and more in the playroom, or anywhere else in the home.

Playroom Rugs Vs Playroom Mats

Whilst rugs can be beautiful pieces for home styling – they can be easy to mark, and difficult to keep clean. Our memory foam, sealed, playmats are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, allergens, and bacteria if cleaned in accordance with our care guide. This feature helps maintain a cleaner and healthier play area, reducing the chances of allergies or respiratory issues. It’s also a bonus, that our Rock Stepper foam playmat is suitable for outdoor use as traditional rugs, are less practical in the garden or at the park.

Playrooms and play areas can get noisy, especially when children are actively playing, jumping and dancing, whereas The Rock Stepper playmat has sound-dampening properties, absorbing impact and reducing noise levels. This can be beneficial if you want to create a quieter environment or if the playroom is in an apartment. Using the Rock Stepper playmat will also mean you can help to protect your playroom carpet or flooring from wear and tear.

Finally the support that the Rock Stepper playmat provides, is not comparable to a playroom rug. Rock Stepper playmat is incredibly soft and supportive, ready to cushion any tumbles or falls.

What is the best type of play mat for a playroom?

When choosing a play mat, consider factors such as safety, durability, ease of cleaning, non-toxic materials, and the specific needs and preferences of your children. Other things to consider would be budget and how long lasting the mat will be. It may be a good idea to invest in a play mat that you and your children will get the most use out of, for the longest amount of time. It’s also a good idea to consider your interiors too. For long term use, it’s best to have a piece that can be packed away easily or is reversible, so it can become a consistent piece in your home, with neutral, beige design for versatility and longevity as well as having an engaging dynamic, to help keep the children entertained.

What is the best shape for a playroom mat?

When choosing the shape of your playroom mat, consider the available space, functionality, and the play activities you envision for the room. It’s also important to ensure that the shape allows for safe movement and adequate space for multiple children to play comfortably if needed.

Rectangular or square mats are versatile and can fit well in most playrooms. They provide a defined space for play activities and are easy to arrange alongside walls or furniture.

Circular mats also work well for group activities and can create a focal point for play. However, it’s important to ensure that the size of the circular mat provides enough space for play activities without feeling cramped.

Whatever the shape you go for, make sure it will be large enough to cushion your little ones falls and tumbles when they are taking their first rolls and steps!